Peer to Peer Networking

Hi Pramath

The Training project assigned to you is "Peer to peer Networking". Its a project to find competitor's Patents search.
Here the Interested Companies given by client are : Nokia, Intel, Apple, Google .
So you need to only find Patents of these four companies

Also in P2P Networking the key concepts are given by client, Please find this data in attached file.

So you first understand the technology well and go through all the key concepts and understand them well and also try to find more key words for given key concepts.

And if you have any doubts let me know.

Garg Vyas
Knowledge Scientist

Peer-to-Peer Networking IP Analysis ?Phase I – Key Company Analysis

* Objective: Create an understanding of what IP identified key companies have related to specific concepts

IP Analysis (Dolcera)

* Create key word search around peer to peer networking based on the following concepts:
o WiFi, Bluetooth, WWAN, GPS, Augmented Reality
o Peer Service Discovery Mechanisms
o Autonomous peer / proximal / proximate discovery
o D2D Communication enablement
o Security
o Privacy
o Scalability, Efficiency
o Proximal communications and services
o Use Cases – proximal social networking, proximal advertising, proximal coupons, proximal search, content delivery/sharing, proximal talk, proximal chat, proximal auction, proximal commerce, proximal alarms
o Include identified companies in the search – Nokia, Intel, Apple, Google
o Search all IP based on the search terms and identify in a Dashboard format:
o Identify ON target IP by analyzing Abstract, Title, Claims and Specification
o Bucketize ON target IP by company and by identified Concepts listed above
o Required Date for Phase I analysis completion – Aug 12th, 2009

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